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We connect brands and people through engaging content and meaningful experiences in the digital space. We identify opportunities for brand strategy then create brand tool-kits and digital platforms. Some of our specialities are: e-commerce website development, web design, digital marketing, content creation and branding.

What we have done before

  • ZenZee Shop
  • The E-SaW Club
  • Le Marché - Paris & London

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Who we are?

MagneticMotif is a personal brand, a home studio of
Gabor Gyurko Freelance Creative Designer and also
a collaboration of talented creatives specializing in
branding, web design, web development, user experience
design, ecommerce, and digital strategy for brands based in
Bournemouth, Dorset, UK and St Augustine, Florida, US.

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We believe in collaboration. The best work happens when creative thinkers and visual storytellers trust each other enough to take risks and achieve amazing goals. We’re passionate, curious, driven and committed to create work that moves people.

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